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Agarbatti uses mainly into the Worship to god or as a room freshener…….

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    1. Electrical Control panel
    2. Heavy rigid structure
    3. Problem less DC Motor and Sensor
    4. stop when material was finished, raw stick finish and stick not pass from die.
    5. Digital Counter System Available for Agarbatti counting one by one.

  • Machine Type Manual Machine Semi Automatic  Fully Automatic 
    Machine Speed 180 Stroke / Per Min 140-180 Stroke/minute 180 Stroke / Per Min
    Production 35 to 50 kg par day( Depends On Stick Quality)    35-65 kg( Depends On Stick Quality)  50-60 kilo / 8hr( Depends On Stick Quality) 
    Require power   1.0 hp Single Phase 1.5 HP Single Phases. 1.5 hp Single Phase 
    Length of  Incense Stick   7 “ to 16” : 7” to 16” 7 “ to 16” 
    Machine Weight     111 Kg. 130 Kg. 150 kg
    Counting  Aprox 1000 pic   Aprox 1500 pic  aprox 2000
    Control Electrical  panel control Electrical  panel control Electrical  panel control with push button


  •  Agarbatti Making Machine