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This industry belongs from FMCG means fast moving consumable goods. This industry have very good feature because everywhere in the world, People have to require these item during breakfast, offices, meeting.

    1. Multi item making in single system Bread, Rusks, Pastries, Cakes, Biscuits.
    2. Semi automatic easy to operate.
    3. Heat retained during loading/unloading of trolleys.
    4. A-Grade stillness steel Body for long durable.
    5. Raw material available in everywhere.
  • Specification Perameter
    Model    bread-biscuit bakery oven
    Motor 3 Hp
    No Of tray 72
    Tray Size (13”X 18”)
    Biscuit / Hr. 40 Kg
    Bread/ 25 min. 42 Pcs


  •  Bread & Biscuit Making Machine