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Candel industry is very old industry now its industry are growing slow because of the latest technology led based lantern, But after this this industry are wide potential because for happiness and sadness people are using candel, To so the imotation. This is only least option for remove the darkness.

    1. Low cost & low investment.
    2. Easy  production.
    3. Can easily operate by women also.
    4. Can easily operate by women also.
    5. One year ROI Return.
  • Specification Perameter Perameter Perameter
    Machine Type Manual Machine Semi automatic (small size) Semi automatic (Big size)
    Electricity  Not Required Not Required Not Required
    Required Space 8X 8Rooms 10 X 10 Rooms 10 X 10 Rooms
    production 30 Kg  in 8 Hours 30 Kg  in 8 Hours 30 Kg  in 8 Hours
    Making time  15 to 20 min                   15 to 20 min        15 to 20 min       


  •  Candel Making Machine