We are looking around the world Good business man those have Good Network, financial background and Interested into Our Product; we are ready to make the JV Venture and Investments. Currently Our Product is going around the World 20 Country as a Dealer.  For Expansion of our Global reach more and more, we are trying to tap Partners worldwide.

  1. Provide Wide Range of Sectors
  2. Ready to Invest or Provide the Credits
  3. Ready to work in Respective Country with you like your Shoulder.
  4. Clear Vision & Mission
  5. Reliable, World Tested Product, Make in India
  6. We grow with Our Partners bcz we provide facility to grow them.
  7. Well Technical and marketed Team in Our Field Having 15 yrs Exp.
  8. Growing Company
  9. Product Made as per the Specific Country

Nepal & Bangladesh – We are Supplying the Machinery & Technology so that now a days in this Country unemployed but having Sound Economic Unemployed Person can start their ... read more


Out of 54 Country of Africa now we are working into 8 Country in Chad, Niger, Benin, Cameroon, Central Africa, Madagascar, Tunisia, Libya and Looking Partnership in to below Area ... read more

Middle East

We see great potential for growth Middle Eastern markets bcz they have good income source from oil but Last two decade not so much infrastructure develop into the Electricity so now a ... read more

South America

Awaiting a Interested Partner.....read more