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A diesel generator is the combination of a diesel engine with an electric generator (often an alternator) to generate electrical energy. This is a specific case of engine-generator.

Diesel generating sets are used in places without connection to a power grid, or as emergency power-supply if the grid fails, as well as for more complex applications such as peak-lopping, grid support and export to the power grid.

Sizing of diesel generators is critical to avoid low-load or a shortage of power and is complicated by modern electronics, specifically non-linear loads. In size ranges around 50 MW and above,

Set sizes range from 8 to 30 kW (also 8 to 30 kVA single phase) for homes, small shops and offices with the larger industrial generators from 8 kW (11 kVA) up to 2,000 kW (2,500 kVA three phase) used for large office complexes, factories. A 2,000 kW set can be housed in a 40 ft (12 m) ISO container with fuel tank,

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    1. Available only Diesel Based but in Wide Range
    2.  Service Available in Local markets
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    4.  Good Life Cycle and Fuel Average
    5. Customization Available according to Demand    


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    DG set Model Unit AG 10 AG 15 AG 25 AG 30 AG 35 AG 40 AG 45 AG 50 AG 62.5 AG 75 AG 82.5 AG 100 AG 125 AG 140 AG 160 AG 180 AG 250
    Power Rating kva 10 15 25 30 35 40 45 50 62.5 75 82.5 100 125 140 160 180 250
    Electric Power Kw 8 12 20 24 28 32 36 40 50 60 66 80 100 112 128 157 200
    Rated Current amp 14 20.87 34.78 41.74 48.69 55.65 62.31 69.31 86.95 104.34 114.78 139.12 173.91 194.77 222.6 250.6 348
    Fuel Tank Capacity lit 75 140 180 340
    Battery Capacity Ah 99 120 150
    Engine Model    
    Rated output kw (HP) 17.5/23.45 25/33.5 28/38.88 39/35.28 59/69.09 78/104.56 94/126.01 116/155.5 130/174.26 147/197.05 157.4/211 223 /303
    Aspiration   NA TA
    No. and arrangement of cylinders   4 In line 6 In line
    Cylinder bore and stroke (mm) mm 85X92 104X113 112 x 135
    Method of starting V 12 24
    Compression ratio   18 ± 0.5 : 1 17.5 ± 0.5 : 1 16.5 ± 0.5 : 1
    Displacement lit 2.088 3.84 5.76 7.98
    Lub oil capacity (max) lit 8.5 11 17.5
    Coolant Capacity lit 6 9 13 13.5 15.5 20 25
    Governing Class   A0/A1 A0
    Brushless   Yes
    Bearing   Single
    Protection   IP 23
    Wiring   H Insulated
    Frequency   50 HZ +/- 5%
    Power Factor   0.8




    Specification  Unit                                  
    DG set Model   AG 10 AG 15 AG 25 AG 30 AG 35 AG 40 AG 45 AG 50 AG 62.5 AG 75 AG 82.5 AG 100 AG 125 AG 140 AG 160 AG 180 AG 250
    DG Size (L xW xH) mm (1750X900X1260) (1750X900X1260) (2000X950X1360) (2000X950X1360) (2000X950X1360) (2500X1100X1380) (2500X1100X1380) (2800X1200X1400) (2800X1200X1400) (2800X1200X1400) (2800X1200X1400) (3300X1250X1565) (3300X1250X1565) (3900X1350X1700) (3900X1350X1700) (3900X1350X1700) (4700 x 1600 x 2013)
    DG Weight kg 637 676 723 744 744 1086 1086 1290 1350 1410 1410 1874 1874 2176 2176 2200 4500