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Constant Voltage Stabilzer: Electromechanical regulators called as Constant voltage stabilizers or tap-changers, have also been used to regulate the voltage on AC power distribution lines. These regulators operate by using a servomechanism to select the appropriate tap on an autotransformer with multiple taps, or by moving the wiper on a continuously variable auto transfomer. If the output voltage is not in the acceptable range, the servomechanism switches the tap, changing the turns ratio of the transformer, to move the secondary voltage into the acceptable region.

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    1. Inter-Turn Insulation tested to withstand five times the normal voltage & frequency.
    2. High & low voltage cut-off for compressor protection.
    3. Easy to install, operate , maintain & service.
    4. Safety to compressor through Intelligent Time Delay system between shutdown & restarts.
    5.   Elegant, Sleek, Attractive & Compact design with aesthetics to match any décor.
  • Input Voltage Range (can be customized)

    160-260V / 140-280V/ 90-270 V

    Input Voltage Range

    220 +-9%


    MAX LOAD(Amps)


    0.24 KVA

    1.0 Amps

    TVs, VCRs, Music System

    0.5 KVA

    2.0 Amps

    Refrigerators upto 300 Litres, Water Coolers, Deep Freezers witH 1/8 HP Compressor

    1.0 KVA

    4.0 Amps

    Water Coolers, Bottle Coolers, Deep Freezers incorporating upto 5/8 HP Compressor, Refrigerators above 300 Ltrs Capacity, BOD incubators, other refrigeration & airconditioning appliances incorporating upto 5/8 HP Compressor.

    3.0 KVA

    12.0 Amps

    Water Coolers, Refrigeration and air conditioning appliances incorporating upto 1.5 HP Compressor

    4.0 KVA

    16.0 Amps

    Refrigeration and Air conditioning appliances incorporating upto 2.5 HP compressor

    5.0 KVA

    20.0 Amps

    Domestic Purpose (Main Line), Air conditioning appliances incorporating 3-5 HP Compressor

    7.5 KVA

    30.0 Amps For Domestic Purpose Main Line (1 A.c & lighting load)


    10.0 KVA

    40.0 Amp


  • Single Phase Stablizer