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We design and manufacture small wind power and wind solar hybrid systems that efficiently convert the power of wind and solar resources for electricity generation at remote off grid locations and provide low cost power when used as grid connected installations.

We strive to make products that are most sought after across the world due by our continuous effort to improve existing products & develop new products that are not only fail safe but also that delight the customer by their simplicity of operation, excellent performance and value for money.




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  • 1. Rural area electification.

    2. save electricity bill.

    3.Ruggend design.

    4.Easy to install.

    5. Turbine design to according to load.

  • General Configuration



    pawan 100(M)

    Rotation Axis



    Up Wind

    Rotation Direction

    Clockwise looking upwind

    Number of Blades


    Material of blades

    Polypropylene/Carbon Reinforced

    Material of blade extenders & rotor shaft material

    SS 304

    Rotor Diameter

    2.32 M (7.43ft)


    Cast Aluminum & MS duly marine coated as per ASTM B – 117


    2.5 inches


    29 kg


    ISO 9001-2008, CE


    Peak Electrical power (watts)

    900 watts peak @13 m/s


    LV model 12Volts/24volts/48volts DC HV model 96V/120volts/240volts DC

    Rated wind speed


    Startup/Cut in wind speed

    3.4 m/s

    Cut out wind speed

    18 m/s to 20 m/s

    Survival wind speed

    55 m/s


    Swept area

    4.2 meter square

    Rotational speed

    1400 rpm

    Blade pitch


    Direction of rotation


    Over speed control

    Side furling & dump load

    Yaw System

    Wind direction sensor

    By tail fin & tail boom

    Yaw control

    Free/Passive yaw

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